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Training, Seminars and Workshops

In America today, we are seeing an unprecedented trend: there are more older people than ever before and there are more working-aged persons struggling to balance their job responsibilities with care of an older relative. There are 56 million family caregivers and two-thirds of them work outside the home.

Conflicts inevitably arise between the demands of elder care and work. However, few managers and business owners have the knowledge and skills needed to prevent these conflicts – or to minimize their negative impact on productivity in the work place.

Bringing Elder Care Home specializes in providing training to increase your effectiveness in dealing with elder care work conflicts.

Our seminars can help:

  • Managers who must deal with day-to-day conflicts brought on by elder care work/conflicts
  • Human Resources Professionals who need to devise programs and policies to minimize productivity losses due to these conflicts, and
  • Leaders of Community Organizations who want to position their organizations to help employers deal effectively with elder care/work conflicts.
  • Employees who need information and skills to balance their reponsibilities for elder care and work.

We can tailor a workshop or training session to meet your organization’s specific needs.

  •  Seminar for Employees:
    Elder Care and Work: Finding the Balance
  •  Seminar for Managers:
    Elder Care and Employee Productivity: Win-Win-Win Solutions
  • Keynote:
    The Power of Caring: How Family Care Is Transforming Our World
  • Seminar:
    Seminar for Community Leaders: Your Success Plan for Tapping the Employed Family Caregiver Market

Coming Speaking Engagements
Train-the-trainer conferences

I want to extend a personal invitation to you, or a colleague in your organization, to join me at one of the three train-the-trainer conferences I will be conducting this Spring in Denver, Chicago, and Baltimore.

Conferences will take place in

  • Denver on May 6, in
  • Chicago on May 20, and in
  • Baltimore on June 24.

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Event: 2005 Joint Conference of ASA and NCOA in Philadelphia, PA,

The 2005 ASA-NCOA Joint Conference takes place Thursday-Sunday, March 10-13, 2005, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Additionally, a host of preconference events will take place on Wednesday

Session Title: Employed Family Caregivers: Corporate/Community Collaborations Supporting Work/Life Balance

Description: This session showcases three innovative initiatives, two locally-based and one national in scope. All share the goal of promoting elder care/work balance, serving diverse populations. Creative approaches to marketing, needs assessment, multi-agency collaboration, and training will be addressed.

Session Title: Innovations in Family Caregiver Wellness: Welcoming the Changing Face of Caregiving

Description: This session showcases local innovation by three non-profit organizations in meeting the needs of diverse family caregivers in three distinctly different geographic and social settings: Southern Florida, Washington, DC, and Omaha, NE. The models encompass innovative techniques in volunteer service delivery, needs assessment, and training.

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